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Grasya sa Sabado! STL & 3D Lotto Swertres Hearing Tips March 25, 2023 Visayas & Mindanao

march 25 2023 stl 3d lotto hearing today visayas mindanao

Maayong adlaw sa tanan. Today is Saturday… weekend na naman… relax time na… at syempre maraming oras mailalaan sa stl & swertres compute2x :D. Wag ka nang mag compute, sundan mo nalang ang mga hearing tips dito… makikita mo sa bandang ibaba… Note, hindi yan 100% sure, pero matataas ang mga chansa.. okay, goodluck sa inyong lahat, Godbless.

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Ang STL at 3d lotto swertres draw ay legally operated by Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office or known as PCSO at para secure yung mga bet nyo, siguraduhin na doon kayo tataya sa mga authorized pcso outlet malapit sa inyong lugar. May mga printed daily hearing tips din dito gaya nang picaso, elma computer, kuya ely at iba pa…

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Different Guides to Creating Probables Mixtures: Past Result Computing – Some punters use the past game results to determine their best combinations. Angle Guide – The pre-created table has random numbers. They will take the previous results and display them on the table. Swertres’ calendar guide – This technique works by using the current calendar day. This is a great way to win stl lottery and swertres lotto every draw. The guide will make it easier to find the best swertres combination. 

Grasya sa Sabado! STL & 3d lotto swertres hearing Today Guide March 25, 2023!


(((235))) – (((480))) – (((502))) – (((317)))


(((290))) – (((190))) – (((507))) – (((837)))

(((680))) – (((034))) – (((836))) – (((612)))

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TANDAAN: Pick kayo nang best bet nyo dyan… lahat yan ay mga vip hot hearing numbers para sa 3d lotto swertres at stl mindanao at visayas. Congrats in advanced.

That’s all the STL & Swertres hearing today! Goodluck and have a nice day ahead.

To check the updated STL & Swertres Results Today, click the link.

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Goodluck sa inyong lahat… Godbless ahead.

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PCSO Betting Protocols

In order to prevent a pandemic, all lotto-lovers must follow the updated rules and regulations in all PCSO lotto outlets. Reminders for PCSO Here are some tips and reminders on how to play the Swertres Jackpot based upon the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office.

Only those over 18 are allowed to participate in lotto. Daily draws are held for this lotto game at 2:00, 5:00, and 9:00 PM each day. You can live-stream the draw on YouTube (, or via PTV4 channel. The Swertres Lotto Lotto Lotto Lotto Lotto ticket is Php 12.00.

The 20% Documentary Stamp Tax is included in the price. It is the responsibility for the lotto players that they verify the accuracy of the data printed on their tickets. This is to stop or limit the spread COVID-19. Always wear a mask on your face. The absence of a mask will prevent you from placing bets. Be sure to keep one (1) meter distance between you and your partner.

Bring your own pen.

There are sanitizers and alcohol available at the lotto outlets. Sanitize before betting. A money tray can be used to get rid of contact.

When you return home, wash your hands with soapy water.

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