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MAHZOOZ Draw Results Today

UPDATED (23rd November 2023) – Are you ready to take home the big bucks? Mahzooz Draw gives you the chance to win exciting prizes every week for only AED 35. Find out the most UPDATED Mahzooz Grand Draw Results and Raffle Draw Results here and also know more about this exciting and life changing Lottery draw online.

Mahzooz Lottery is a popular online game that allows UAE residents to win a life-changing grand prizes every week. Mahzooz is also known as the Emirates Loto, an online raffle system. Players can win AED 20,000,000 if they match all five (5) numbers of their ticket to the numbers announced at the draw date. You may visit the Mahzooz Login here.

United Arab Emirates or UAE has one of the largest lotteries in the world, and many people already have won it. This means that UAE citizens are heavily involved in lottery systems. Mahzooz Emirates Loto is among the best online lottery games available in the UAE.

In this page, we will give you all the information that you need about Mahzooz Draw and Mahzooz Results including Mahzooz grand draw results & raffle draw results and winning ID today. You may also see how to play, win, and withdraw with this huge lottery online.

The UAE Lottery Mahzooz Draw Schedules?

Mahzooz grand & raffle draw is scheduled every week in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This simply means, this lottery opportunity creates millionaire every week in dirhams. The Mahzooz is drawn every Saturday at 9 pm. Online tickets can be bought to play Mahzooz. Mahzooz tickets cost AED 35.

Mahzooz Draw, in simple terms is a system of lucky draws that is based upon humanitarianism. Mahzooz preparation is as simple as buying bottled water. Each bottle of water costs AED35. Mahzooz lottery is open to anyone who meets these requirements.

Mahzooz Results & Winning Numbers Today

Mahzooz Draw is a unique number game. When playing Mahzooz, it is important for players to have 5 exact order numbers to win large prizes. These numbers are randomly drawn. You must check the numbers every week if you want your entry to be valid, you must enter the total number for a draw.

Mahzooz draw results and winning numbers is generated by a computer. The glass containers that hold the lottery balls are connected to a drawing device. The machine chooses five numbers.

The person who wins the biggest prize will be the one whose numbers match and in exact order on their raffle lottery ticket.

Here’s the UPDATED Official Mahzooz Draw Results, Winning Combinations & Raffle Draw Results ID Today:

Mahzooz Grand Draw Result History & Mahzooz Raffle Draw Result History:

DateMahzooz Grand Draw Results
(AED 20,000,000)
Mahzooz Raffle Draw Results
(AED 1,000,000)
10/21/20231-4-19-24-36ID: 39416599 / 39522629 / 39427548
10/14/202312-19-31-33-41ID: 39258002 / 39201662 / 39378317
10/7/202313-14-20-23-32ID: 39073217 / 38962066 / 38940573
9/30/202324-27-30-34-45ID: 38755240 / 38813912 / 38629749
9/23/202318-23-39-41-48ID: 38473748
9/16/202322-27-36-43-47ID: 38225819
9/9/20231-2-7-24-48ID: 37996352
9/2/202310-30-35-44-46ID: 37850839
8/26/20235-20-26-29-34ID: 37584434
8/19/20232-6-38-39-42ID: 37326650
8/12/20232-15-21-45-46ID: 37068079
8/5/20231-3-5-8-19ID: 36728740
7/29/20232-9-10-15-36ID: 36616773
7/22/20233-5-11-22-48ID: 36274122
7/15/20233-7-22-30-31ID: 36076949
7/09/202316-32-387-40-41ID: 35834052
7/01/20238 – 11- 13 – 16 – 47ID: 35671149
6/24/20231 – 4 – 5 – 30 – 38ID: 35424427
6/17/202312 – 13 – 14 – 17 – 48ID: 35251631
6/10/202312 – 19 – 26 – 29 – 38ID: 35039799
6/03/202314 – 33- 34 – 44 – 47ID: 34689116
5/27/202312 – 18 – 35 – 44 – 49ID: 34531937
5/20/20238 – 12- 22 – 25 – 38ID: 34312300
5/13/20239 – 20 – 21 – 41 – 42ID: 33957143
5/6/202323 – 32 – 35 – 37 – 49ID: 33929708
4/29/20239 – 23 – 36 – 39 – 42ID: 33432901

How to be Eligible of playing Mahzooz Draw?

It is easy to join the Mahzooz lottery draw. You can win the jackpot by simply purchasing bottled water on the official website, and choose your number combinations. Remember that standard bottled waters cost AED 35. Buy a Mahzooz and play your luck if you want to quickly get money into your hands. You can visit the Mahzooz login URL here.

How to Win Mahzooz Draw?

Matching all five numbers will give you a chance to win the life-changing AED 20,000,000 top prize every Saturday. You can still win AED 200,000 if you match 4 out of 5 numbers and if even you only match 3 out of 5 numbers, you can get AED 250 as prize.

How to Play Mahzooz Draw?

Once you’ve read through the eligibility criteria, it is easy to understand how to play Mahzooz. This is a guide on how to play the Mahzooz Lottery and increase your chances of winning a large jackpot.

When playing 5 digits lottery, you can select the number of bottles you wish to purchase. You can enter one line per bottle in the Weekly Draw.

Find out more about how to add credit and withdraw winnings.

How to Add Credit on your Mahzooz Account

How to Withdraw your Mahzooz Winning Prize

A plan will help you to win the Mahzooz Draw, collect the prize and more. Follow the steps below if you’re new to Mahzooz and would like to claim your winnings.

Be sure to visit this page every Saturday to see the updated Mahzooz Draw Results Today.