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PCSO Swertres 3D Lotto Results Today, Yesterday & History

UPDATED (2nd December 2023) – Are you looking for the most updated and confirmed PCSO 3D Lotto Swertres Result Today? Well, you’re in the right place! In this page, you can find the most updated and accurate 3D lotto results today, Previous Swertres Results History, Swertres Results 2022, and 3D Swertres Results Yesterday.

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office or PCSO draws 3D Lotto Swertres every day at 2PM, 5PM and 9:00PM in all areas of the country, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. PCSO is an entity owned by the government with the advocacy to create fundraising in order to raise money for charities, health programs and medical assistance.

The PCSO Swertres 3D Lotto Results can be seen on this page or by watching it live from Philippine Television Network (PTV). PCSO is also planning to offer games online in order to attract more players and thus increase the amount of money but for now, it seems not realize yet.

Swertres Lotto or 3D Lotto had been one of the widely known and probably most popular digit games across Philippines. Since it launched in June 2002, the game been a favorite PCSO Draw across the country.

The PCSO Swertres 3D Lotto Prizes

The prizes you can possible with with swertres 3d lotto game depends on the amoun and the type of play you bet. The biggest prize you can win in one combination ticket is Php 4,500 – that’s the straight type of play where your combination needs to be in exact order in order to win.

Aside from straight play, you can also bet via Rambolito where you can win even your combination is not in exact order. You can win Php 1,500 in Rambolito 3-play and Php750 for Rambolito 6-Play.

The PCSO Swertres 3D Lotto Result Today, Yesterday & History

Here’s the most updated and confirmed swertres lotto result today, Previous Swertres Result Yesterday, and Swertres 3d Lotto Results History. If its not updated yet upon checking, kindly refresh your page or came back in few minutes.

Date2PM Draw5PM Draw9PM Draw
December 2, 20232-4-72-6-55-0-0
December 1, 20238-0-38-2-70-3-4
November 30, ’233-4-34-6-80-8-1
November 29, ’231-6-50-8-48-6-7
November 28, ’234-9-68-1-72-3-1
November 27, ’231-3-35-7-17-7-5
November 26, ’231-0-15-5-87-3-9
November 25, ’236-9-01-5-46-0-5
November 24, ’231-5-00-3-46-8-0
November 23, ’238-8-17-2-80-7-5
November 22, ’232-2-62-2-87-7-6
November 21, ’234-9-64-3-21-2-8
November 20, ’234-5-00-6-71-1-2
November 19, ’232-8-98-7-84-7-6
November 18, ’239-0-83-5-66-1-7
November 17, ’233-2-25-4-17-3-5
November 16, ’237-1-98-1-68-6-7
November 15, ’234-1-66-3-01-0-8
November 14, ’235-2-46-8-38-4-7
November 13, ’235-3-72-3-15-1-0
November 12, ’239-3-50-6-68-2-2
November 11, ’238-6-83-5-68-8-2
November 10, ’235-6-13-8-76-8-3
November 9, ’236-2-77-8-71-1-5
November 8, ’237-3-35-8-02-2-9
November 7, ’239-1-73-0-12-9-2
November 6, ’236-7-74-4-23-5-3
November 5, ’231-3-50-8-54-4-5
November 4, ’233-3-69-9-44-9-6
November 3, ’239-9-19-9-30-4-1
November 2, ’236-9-93-8-95-8-8
November 1, ’234-2-21-2-84-9-8
October 31, 20236-1-15-5-71-4-4
October 30, 20233-5-68-5-73-7-3
October 29, 20239-9-79-9-35-6-6
October 28, 20239-9-00-6-56-9-4
October 27, 20235-3-98-6-39-4-2
October 26, 20238-6-89-5-15-3-4
October 25, 20238-8-06-3-38-2-9
October 24, 20233-1-58-1-42-6-3
October 23, 20239-4-53-5-58-3-7
October 22, 20236-5-76-4-67-4-3
October 21, 20236-1-59-4-14-5-1
October 20, 20231-3-37-2-10-9-9
October 19, 20236-8-00-5-10-5-0
October 18, 20231-7-11-2-03-7-3
October 17, 20233-1-41-0-43-4-6
October 16, 20238-7-62-3-49-0-0
October 15, 20236-6-99-9-31-5-5
October 14, 20234-5-70-2-25-2-1
October 13, 20239-8-82-1-69-9-9
October 12, 20235-4-40-2-75-4-8
October 11, 20232-5-49-2-89-4-0
October 10, 20233-9-84-6-77-9-7
October 9, 20237-4-84-6-40-9-0
October 8, 20238-4-42-8-59-3-4
October 7, 20234-1-83-5-19-7-1
October 6, 20239-8-16-5-64-4-3
October 5, 20234-8-26-7-36-7-9
October 4, 20231-0-11-6-08-5-7
October 3, 20230-1-27-8-63-5-4
October 2, 20235-3-49-6-90-4-8
October 1, 20231-1-02-2-07-8-4
September 30, 20234-7-82-0-02-5-8
September 29, 20239-7-00-7-14-0-6
September 28, 20237-8-31-8-60-2-1
September 27, 20230-5-57-6-96-3-0
September 26, 20234-9-47-8-79-9-8
September 25, 20233-3-84-1-06-4-5
September 24, 20239-1-56-4-98-9-4
September 23, 20235-6-78-9-71-1-3
September 22, 20230-0-92-6-31-9-7
September 21, 20233-6-96-6-09-7-7
September 20, 20239-1-03-0-56-1-7
September 19, 20238-0-92-5-67-2-4
September 18, 20237-5-43-9-66-1-5
September 17, 20231-7-73-1-03-7-3
September 16, 20232-8-60-4-88-8-2
September 15, 20232-7-35-5-32-3-5
September 14, 20238-4-59-6-79-7-5
September 13, 20231-0-43-3-99-8-1
September 12, 20234-3-74-0-17-0-9
September 11, 20234-6-52-8-16-9-2
September 10, 20230-3-34-5-28-0-7
September 9, 20232-1-01-6-85-9-2
September 8, 20233-8-98-8-39-9-9
September 7, 20232-6-96-0-16-3-1
September 6, 20235-8-29-3-23-9-0
September 5, 20230-5-29-1-27-6-7
September 4, 20231-7-70-3-28-0-8
September 3, 20237-4-56-9-72-4-6
September 2, 20231-0-29-6-79-8-8
September 1, 20237-8-12-9-15-7-8
August 31, 20231-8-43-9-59-4-7
August 30, 20238-9-70-1-90-0-0
August 29, 20233-3-03-3-00-6-7
August 28, 20238-5-45-3-80-2-4
August 27, 20232-0-04-2-87-3-4
August 26, 20238-3-08-4-52-0-5
August 25, 20236-0-16-6-38-8-6
August 24, 20230-6-00-2-19-6-1
August 23, 20233-2-03-2-08-8-8
August 22, 20236-6-33-3-92-2-3
August 21, 20235-3-23-8-30-8-7
August 20, 20236-3-93-9-90-7-7
August 19, 20233-3-04-8-64-0-9
August 18, 20233-3-97-2-47-6-1
August 17, 20235-1-25-0-10-5-3
August 16, 20234-6-61-7-93-9-4
August 15, 20235-0-27-4-51-2-4
August 14, 20231-4-25-2-17-3-6
August 13, 20237-8-76-4-92-6-6
August 12, 20239-9-46-6-90-1-0
August 11, 20230-9-09-2-99-9-9
August 10, 20230-7-08-4-93-2-0
August 9, 20231-6-16-5-48-6-1
August 8, 20231-7-33-5-79-0-4
August 7, 20237-7-27-1-84-8-4
August 6, 20235-8-81-1-46-8-9
August 5, 20238-2-23-1-35-6-8
August 4, 20237-4-97-6-66-3-3
August 3, 20233-5-37-0-98-5-2
August 2, 20236-6-18-0-45-2-7
August 1, 20230-7-78-0-15-2-4
July 31, 20234-8-91-3-22-7-0
July 30, 20238-0-41-7-82-5-4
July 29, 20239-3-11-2-64-3-5
July 28, 20233-8-04-6-82-0-0
July 27, 20234-0-62-2-40-2-6
July 26, 20231-9-70-8-12-8-0
July 25, 20234-6-84-3-61-4-7
July 24, 20230-9-29-2-43-4-5
July 23, 20230-0-00-7-25-1-7
July 22, 20231-7-66-4-11-2-8
July 21, 20231-5-99-4-64-2-3
July 20, 20237-6-63-6-42-6-7
July 19, 20233-6-82-0-69-1-2
July 18, 20234-3-53-0-90-3-1
July 17, 20230-6-34-2-61-1-7
July 16, 20235-4-43-0-85-2-8
July 15, 20233-6-04-9-37-2-0
July 14, 20231-6-12-4-49-1-2
July 13, 20234-9-97-3-02-3-3
July 12, 20235-5-78-7-81-2-8
July 11, 20236-0-19-9-31-7-9
July 10, 20237-9-45-6-91-1-6
July 9, 20239-5-16-7-14-8-5
July 8, 20230-3-24-5-35-0-1
July 7, 20232-1-06-0-00-5-9
July 6, 20230-9-95-1-85-7-1
July 5, 20232-6-43-0-67-9-7
July 4, 20239-4-08-8-64-3-2
July 3, 20231-1-15-0-71-6-9
July 2, 20231-6-47-4-04-1-5
July 1, 20239-0-97-5-72-8-7
*** JUNE ***
June 30, 20231-2-23-5-76-7-8
June 29, 20235-2-25-3-46-6-5
June 28, 20230-0-22-1-41-1-3
June 27, 20236-6-70-7-95-5-4
June 26, 20235-0-15-4-30-3-3
June 25, 20238-5-62-2-49-3-6
June 24, 20236-6-92-6-99-9-5


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How PCSO 3D Lotto or Swertres Lotto Results being play?

PCSO Swertres 3d lotto uses three draw machine to pick the swertres 3d lotto results. The draw machine will pick numbers between 0 to 9. Note that, since its 3 draw machines, it is possible to have double combination results or tripple combination results.

Tips on how to bet and win on PCSO Swertres / 3D Lotto?

First, the player will choose 3-digit preferred combination between 0 and 9. Reminder, you can choose double or tripple combination.

Aside from betting your desire combination, you can also choose Lucky Pick where only the machine automatically pick your number combinations.

To win, your combination needs to match on the swertres 3d lotto draw results in exact order if you play via straight play.

If you bet via Rambolito play, you can still win even your combination is not in exact order but in lesser prize.

To view the PCSO Swertres 3d lotto results, you can visit here few minutes after the draw schedule or you can watch it via live at PTV.

PCSO Swertres 3D Lotto Prizes

As I’ve mention above, the player wins 4,500 pesos for every P10.00 pesos play. That’s for straight play. If via Rambolito System Play, you can win 750 to 1,500. The system will generate all possible combinations for a selected 3-digit number combination. The number of combinations will be six (6) if the 3-digit combination selected has no repeating numbers, example 123. If the 3-digit combination selected has two (2) repeating numbers, example 112. The number of combinations will be three (3) digits. The Rambolito System Play also offers Lucky Pick, but it does not allow you to repeat digits.

Few Reminders When Betting PCSO 3D Lotto or Swertres Lotto Game:

During Pandemic time, PCSO added Health and Safety Regulations when betting 3d Lotto or Swertres Lotto. You need to follow these following Guidelines:

How do I claim my 3D Swertres Lotto prize?

First, confirmed your winning tickets by double-checking the 3D Lotto or Swertres Lotto Result combination.

Prepare two (2) valid IDs. You can claim your prize at any PCSO Authorized Lotto Outlet near you as long as your winning prize not exceed to 10,000 pesos.

For winning prize above 10,000, you can claim it on the nearest PCSO branch

The PCSO Main Office is located at 605 Conservatory Bldg., Shaw Blvd. corner Priceton St., Mandaluyong City.

If you have Concerns or Questions, you can contact the PCSO using the following details below.

Address: PCSO Main Office, PICC Secretariat Bldg, CCP Complex, 1307 Roxas Blvd., Pasay City

Telephone Numbers: (02) 846-8895; 846-8894; 847-8741

Apart from this site, you can also watch 3D Lotto Swertres Results Today via live on PTV Network, Official PCSO facebook page, and offical PCSO Twitter account.

PCSO 3D Lotto / Swertres Lotto Draw Schedule:

PCSO 3D Lotto or Swertres Lotto draw are schedule everyday at 2PM, 5PM and 9PM. BUT, PCSO suspends draws on national holidays such as Holy Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. This announcement is made days in advance of the scheduled date.

Swertres 3D Lotto Frequiently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I win Swertres Lotto?

You need to hit all the 3 number combination. It must be in exact order if you bet Straight Play.
For Rambolito Play, you can still win even if the numbers on your combination is not in exact order. BUT, Rambolito Play has lower prizes than Straight Play.

Rambolito is played either Rambolito 6, if the marked number combination does not have repeating numbers, or Rambolito 3, if it has a repeating number.

How much you can win on Swertres 3D Lotto?

You can win Php 4,500 for Straight or Standard Play
You can win PhP 1,500 for the Rambolito 3 and PhP 775 for Rambolito 6

What are the chances of winning in Swertres Lotto?

The odds of winning Swertres Rambolito 6 or Rambolito 3 Plays is 1:167.

What is the cost of a Swertres game ticket?

The Swertres ticket is available at authorized PCSO Lotto outlets for 12 Pesos each. This amount includes the Documentary Stamp Tax.

What is DST (Documentary Stamp Tax)?

DST, or Documentary Stamp Tax, is a tax of 20% levied by the government on the price of lotto tickets under the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion Act. PCSO began adding 20% DST to its ticket prices when the law was passed in 2018. The prices of 2D (EZ2) and 3D (Swertres), 6D Lotto, 4D, and 6D Lotto tickets went up from PhP 10 – PhP 12. While the 6/42/45/49/55/58 Lotto Tickets increased from 20 – PhP 24.

What happens if I make a mistake when marking my Swertres number?

Mark the VOID symbol directly beneath the Swertres combination you wish to cancel or ignore before presenting the bet card at the cashier. Note that you can only cancel a Swertres ticket before buying it. The terminal will not allow you to cancel or voide a Swertres combination.

Is there a Swertres draw during the holidays at PCSO?

PCSO cancels lotto draws on regular holidays, such as Christmas Day (December 25), New Year’s Day (January 1), Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Black Saturday, Easter Sunday.

How do I claim my Swertres Lotto Prizes?

You could be one of the lucky Swertres players today! Congratulations! If you won a prize below PhP 5,000 at Swertres Lotto, present your winning ticket to any authorized PCSO or lotto outlet.

PCSO announcements and notices

PCSO warns the public about entities posing as PCSO employees and encourages them to purchase lotto tickets using their betting platform. PCSO does not have any online betting apps via texts, calls, or apps.

PCSO 3D Lotto (Swertres) Winning Techniques

It’s important to remember that lotteries including pcso 3d lotto swertres game are based on chance. No strategy can guarantee you a win (although there are hot/hearing numbers, its not guarantee you to win). PCSO 3d lotto results or swertres results are generated by the draw machine and completely ramdom. This makes it impossible to predict certain results. If you want to improve your odds of winning in PCSO swertres 3d results today, you should consider these techniques.

Play frequently: The more you buy, the greater your chances of winning. Remember to set aside a budget and play within your limits.

You can choose your numbers carefully. While it is impossible to know the winning numbers in advance, there are a few things you should consider:

Set realistic expectations. Swertres 3d lotto draw were designed to be games of chance. It is important not to rely on the lottery winning as a strategy for financial success. Spend only what you can afford and don’t chase losses.

NOTE: PCSO 3D Lotto or Swertres Lotto are a great way to entertain yourself and not as a source of income. Play responsibly. Only bet money you can afford to loose.

Thank you for coming this PCSO 3D Lotto Results Today (Swertres Lotto Results Today). Be sure to comeback and visit on this page regularly for the most UPDATED and confirmed Swertres results daily, swertres results yesterday, and swertres results history.